Pair of people

Taking pictures of two people can be more complicated than taking picture of one. Especially if you are using lot of shadows. If you have one person on the picture, picture will be about that persons shape and pose. But if you have two people, it will be about their relationship with each other. Story is very different straight away. You want for that picture to make some kind of sense.

One way to do that is use one person as a main subject and use other person as an extra. Like put one person in the shape you like and use other persons hands as decoration.

You lack of noting. Use what i gave you


 If these two people like each other or are an item, then you make them express their relationship. Like let them kiss each other or look same direction. 


  • Use on as main subject, other as decoration
  • Make them do something
  • take inspiration from other photographers
  • use more light sources to make sure both of them get light