Water Photos

Pictures with water is very similar to bodyscape photography with little add-on called water. You can spray water on your model or pour water on.

You want your light to be behind your model to make water stand out. Water has lot of shapes and reflections in it, so placing the light correctly is very important.

How to pour water when you are in studio?

Get a small plastic bath where your models can step in

also get some plastic cover to put under the bath so if there is any excess water, it wont soak in your studio floor.

you can also get water spayer or just pour water from cup.

if you can afford get your self proper hi sync flash remote. This way you can put your shutter time really high. As high as possible.

You lack of noting. Use what i gave you – god

Pro tip:

  • Use oil to get body nice and shiny and so water would fall of better
  • use hi sync remote for your flashes
  • also use very strong flashes and always put your flash on max strength
  • put your flashes behind your model
How to make video with water droplets on nude body