Bodyscape photography


Bodyscape photography

Bodyscapes photography is very good way to take picture of any body shape. You can leave all unwanted parts in shadows and curves that you want, you can bring into the light.

How to do bodyscape photography?

This is usually done in studio. Black background is usually needed but if you don’t have that, then honeycomb in front of your soft box can help you out.

The body is to be compared, not to a physical object, but rather to a work of art.

РMaurice Merleau Ponty 

So now you put your flash light behind the model and you take the picture.

If you bring you softbox close to your model then you get nice hilights.

Tips for bodyscape photography

  • Use Strip Softbox for light
  • if client has a good shape use white background with honeycomb on softbox
  • if client is overweight then use black background so her whole shape is not seen, just the parts you want.
  • put the light behind your subject