Shut your eyes to see

Shut your eyes to see

Nude art composition. Click on the image to find it on

Some images might seem the same but they are all different. Some women seem to be same one but they are all different models. Because the pose and lighting is very similar that makes the body look same.
Although there are few pictures from same photoshoots but they represent different pose and part of the image.

About this NFT:

• This is composition of nude art images from 400 different photoshoots done by Olavi Sõna.
• 8 years of work.
• NFT resolution is 20 000 x 20 000 pixels. That means one can zoom very deep in and see every detail.
• Each woman in the artwork is a different person, (with few exceptions, that represent a different part of the image).
• That means there are about ~400 different women in this composition.
• Under Unlockable Content you can have a 37 000 x 37 000 size jpeg that is 121 Mb. It is so big that slow computers might not be able to open it, without special software.

So this is my life’s work. It has taken me 8 years to do these 400 nude art photoshoots. These are not hired models, but people who are fans of my work, and have wanted to participate in what I do.
This is one of the two artworks.
Other also consist of images from 400 photoshoots but different images and different composition. Both are and will be only copies.