About Me

My name is Olavi Sõna and I work as a profesional nude art photographer.

I started with nude art phtography 14 yers ago and i have been doing this as my main job sence 2014.

I have done about 500 nude art photoshoots. It is my passion and i belive it has and terpeutic effect on people who i take pictures of.

Lot of people are not happy with them selves. they try dozens of ways to change them selves just to feel beautiful. People even go as far as to get surgerys.

My aim is to show people how beautiful their bodys are just the way they are and through artistic photography. Thorugh are i try to help them fall in love with themselves and to be happy over what nature has given them.
Human body is a wonderful gift and work of art.
And art lives forever.