Beach and outdoors

Taking pictures in nature and at the beach is easy if you know the basics of photography. No need to control the light, just trust your eye.

But there are things you need to know.

Clouds are good.

You want nice cloudy day because clouds will be your softbox. With clouds you will get nice soft shadows and your picture will be beautiful.

Use your surroundings well.

Shapes in nature can be used well. use golden ratio or diagonals, or any symmetry to make picture interesting. Your surroundings is your strength.

Let your model and surroundings tell a story.

What is the story? what is she doing there? what has happened? what is she feeling? what is she going to do? just ask the questions and answer will come in shape of photograph

 Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed РWillam Blake 

Sunset and sunrise are the golden time

You can get some magical colours during that time. Use your time well, as it lasts about 30 minutes. So start hour before that, so you will be ready.

What equipment to use

find out here what equipment to use at the beach. But in short you will need reflector, flash, and assistant.