Body painting

Body painting

Body painting is quite interesting way of doing nude art.

It is a long process, as it can take hours to get the artwork done on a model. One of the tips is that first cover the body with basic colour. Example, cover the body with blue and then start adding other colours to it. This way it will only take few hours instead 4 or 5 hours.

Even if you have the time, model and artist can get real tired and it wont be as fun when photo shoot starts.

One of the advantages of body painting is that model wont feel nude. Paint is bit like clothes. So if it is first time doing nudes for the model she will feel quite good doing this.

[quote type=”center”] Freedom lies in being bold –
robert frost [/quote]

Finish the photo shoot by mixing all the colours up and going abstract. It might not be nice but what have you got to lose, you might end up with something unexpected.

Examples of our bodypainting photoshoots: devil video and Fairy Nyph.

Top tips:

  • paint body first one colour and then paint texture on top of it
  • big brush to cover more in les time
  • in end of the photo shoot use water to mix all colours to get abstract textures
  • have her take more bold poses, because paint feels like clothes
  • spray water or paint droplets to get nice natural texture
  • paint under the boobs, and armpits and other hidden places