Boudoir photography

Boudoir pictures are sensual, romantic and intimate. Usually model wears underwear or a slightly see through nightgown. Pictures are usually taken in bedroom or in private dressing room environment.

To do Boudoir pictures you can youse flash but with natural sunlight from window you get much better result. Just use reflectors if needed.

50mm lens is very good for boudoir pictures as it is very wide open lens and you can get nice blur on background.

The Nude alone is well dressed – Auguste Rodin

Studio is not so good for boudoir because you don’t have any environment there. Studio is just plain and does not give the right feeling.

What do you need to get boudoir environment?


Bed with nice sheets is a classic way to go. Cant go wrong there. Bed or a couch is also an option for studio, where you can give feeling that it is done in bedroom.


Windows is almost a must, it is not only a good source of good light but also a frame and background subject.

Wall near window

Wall can be very good component for your picture

Boudoir tips

  • Use natural light for nice soft and beautiful shadows
  • use reflectors to get strong contrasts out
  • Use bed and bedroom environment to give right feeling
  • take your pictures with wide open lens

Gallery of some fine examples of Boudoir photography.


boudoir photography
boudoir photography