Nude art with Hair

Hair can give a lot of meaning to picture. It can make picture creepy, mysterious, interesting, sexual. It can give a lot of different storeys. It is a good way to teach model to pose.

Sometimes model, if she is a beginner and does not know much about posing, does not know what to do. If you have a client then it is usually their first time posing nude in front of photographer. Posing does not come naturally to everyone.

Hair can help out easily. Let her play with hair. Tel her to adjust it, or just play with it. Because she has been doing it for all her life, it will look natural on camera and you will get a good picture.

Hair is very expressive.

Nude art with hair
Nude art with hair

Tips doing photos with hair

  • Let her ajust her hair
  • Let her play with hair
  • Let her hide her face in hair
  • shoot light throuh hair
  • let her throw hair and catch the movment
  • let her hide her private parts with hair