What photo equipment to use for nudes?

What equipment to use and need to do good nudes?

That depends on where and what kind of nude pictures you want to do.

Im not going to recommend camera, as that is very extensive subject. But in general, if you can mount an 50mm lens on it or hire, you can get proper pictures.

Nudes at the beach

Taking nudes outside

Outside you have lot of sun light during a day time. you can use that for your advantage. You want your day to be cloudy as it gives more softer light. For taking pictures outside you need a reflector and assistant. You could also instead of reflector you could use a flash light. Here is a list of things you could use:


Reflector wahses out those unwanted shadows and can make your picture cleaner.

Strobe or flash

Sometimes reflector is not enought so strobe or flash can get those shadows even nicer, especially if it is not clowdy day. Main thing is that you set your flash strenght same as is natural light, so they would look even on the picture.


Car is important if you are going to find a place where to take pictures

Lens: 50mm or 85mm or 135mm or anything in between

You need also good lens. Prime lens is good way to start.
Fix lens have good picture quality and from 50mm and up pictures have litle to no distortion. Models shapes will be proportional and nice. You can get a good pictre with wider lens but you need good skill to make that picture look nicer that with 50mm and up.

You also need memory card and a tripod. Studio strobes are must and you need a softbox. You can get that from Amazon and different stores.

Nudes in studio

For taking nudes in studio

Taking nudes in studio is easyer than outside, because you have more control over the light, but also what you can do and creativity is more limited.


Umbrealla givse nice soft light just like softbox, but softbox is conciderd bit better for nudes. But ubrella is bit cheaper to get and easyer to transport.


Thin long softbox is a classic way to go. It is called strip softbox. It gives nice long shadows, lights body from head to toe but same time it give nice shadows to hide some parts.

Any regular studio flash

any will do. no need for fancy expencive flashes